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Cannot find type System.SystemException in module mscorlib.dll


I am a vendor working for Microsoft now. ( I have successfully used the SQL Server Spatial Tool in a Windows desktop app. I am now trying to use it for a Windows Store app.

  1. Create a new Windows Store app.
  2. Add reference to SQLSpacialTools
  3. Add reference to Microsoft.SqlServer.Types
  4. Add reference to System.Data (4.0)
  5. Build – Get error - Cannot find type System.SystemException in module mscorlib.dll
If I try to reference System.Data version 2.0, I get error that it is not valid for store apps. If I try to add System.Data version 4.0, I get the error above.

I am using Microsoft.SqlServer.Types v 2014.120.2000.8. I have tried earlier versions as well.

Seems like this library needs to be rebuilt referencing System.Data v4.0 and not 2.0.

I have tried to build this library as a Windows Store class library as well. This didn't work either.

Attaching class library reduced to just what I need and

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